Tips and Intructions

Welcome to GlobalNewsmen. We recommend that you check out the following  tips and instructions before you start using the mobile or web platform. 

Making News Reports:

Whether you are a reporter, journalist, activist, student, just a bystander or a witness, GlobalNewsmen is the ultimate tool you need to create and submit news content to thousands of News Outlets around the world. You can make multimedia news reports from your GlobalNewsmen phone app, from PC or MAC. Once you click on “Create a News Report” on your phone app, you will be forwarded to Report Creation Page, where you can enter Headline, description, upload two 30 second videos, three photos, a 3 minute voice commentary, location information and set a fee for your report. You can save your report on device from “Option” for later edits and in case no network connection is available at spot or “Upload to you Profile” for submission to the news and if you wish access/edit from PC or MAC. Click to “Submit to News” once you believe you have a complete report. Note: no edits can be made to reports once they have been submitted to the News.

Retrieving reports previously created:

Reports that have not been uploaded to profile from mobile apps, but have been saved locally are stored in My Reports/On Device. You can make edits and save them by clicking “Save on Device” from “Options”, or “Upload to Profile” from “Options”. Maximum three reports can be stored on device. Uploaded reports from phone apps or reports that have been created via PC or Mac can be retrieved by going to My Reports/Uploaded. You can make edits to any information within your uploaded reports. In order to save edits please click on “Options” and then “Save to Profile”. No edits can be made to reports once they have been submitted to the News.

Submitting to the News:

We have made it easy for our users to submit their News Reports to thousands of News Channels and Newspapers around the world. Phone Apps: As soon as you have finished preparing your News Report, you must first upload it to your profile (click “Options’ and then “Upload to Profile), after upload has been completed a notification giving status of upload will appear. If upload has been successful please click “Submit to News” and choose to submit your report to world’s major channels, news outlets in your county, by your language or just your favorite TV news channels or newspapers. At time of each report share you will be asked to agree to Submission License, which will be attached and made part of your news report.

Payments and Reporting:

Get rewarded for your hard work or just because you were lucky to be at right place at right time.  In order to receive payments for your reports purchased by News Outlets you need to have a PayPal account. If you do not have one, please go to and create an account with the same email address you have used for your GlobalNewsmen account. Each time a News Company purchases a report submitted by you, emails will be sent to you by GlobalNewsmen and PayPal notifying you of the purchase. You can log into your PayPal account in order to access your payments (the service charge of 15% to GlobalNewsmen, as defined in our terms and conditions will be already deducted and forwarded to GlobanNewsmen by PayPal). If you do not have a PayPal account at the time your report is purchased, you will still receive an email from PayPal with instruction and a link you can follow to retrieve payments for your reports. If you already have a PayPal account created with a different email, we suggest the following two options: 1. Add the email address you have used to register at GlobalNewsmen to your PayPal account. To do so please go to, login to your account, click on Edit and select option Add or Edit Email. 2. Change your GlobalNewsmen account email to match your PayPal account. Email address associated with your GlobalNewsmen account will be forwarded to the News Outlets for payments together with News Reports you submit.

Freelance Contributors on GlobalNewsmen:

Being a freelance contributor for news outlets on GlobalNewsmen is the best way to reflect your journalist skills and broaden your career opportunities. We have made it easy for our users to Contribute to News Outlets worldwide. This option is only available through

Benefits of a freelance contributor on GlobalNewsmen:

Direct Contact: News Outlets can directly contact you (ex: their contributor in New York City area) when news coverage is needed via GlobalNewsmen chat system. Story Assignments posted by News Outlets within your contributor network are being directly forwarded to you. You can stay in contact with the editor while working on an assignment. Outlets are usually more inclined to accept content from journalists they know. Pitching your story ideas directly to the editor, before you start working on it is only available within your contributor network.
Your Profile Rating: Being a freelance contributor for multiple companies will also help raise your “User Rating” on GlobalNewsmen. When News Outlets view your profile they will see that you contribute to a certain number of companies. They will also be able to see your complete profile with resume and all the information that you have entered, including news works that you have posted on the News Wire. Content seekers will more likely purchase reports of those whose ratings are higher and who are trusted by other content seekers.

How does it work

Please log into your account, click on “Freelance”, find TV Channels or Newspapers you like to freelance, click on the company profile and pop up will open to request freelance. When you request to become a freelance contributor for a News Outlet, editor or account manager will receive a notification asking if they would like to accept or deny your request. News Outlets will check your profile to find out more about you. We recommend that users complete their profile the best they can. The more complete your profile is, including any prior experience, links to other news works you have completed, the easier News Outlets can make a decision whether you have the qualifications to become a freelance contributor for them. If they like what they see they will accept your request. Once your freelance request has been approved, you will receive a notification stating the same.

Our Rewards to you:

We want to help you make your news reports the highest quality possible. In addition to the hard work we have done in making a powerful platform we have created a rewards program for you. Check out the coolest equipment you can get for your smartphone or for you at