It is our mission to make news reporting more accessible and easy anywhere, any time. For our users who already have rated and downloaded News Reports we have made a Rewards Program. Check out below for the coolest rewards you can get for your hard work:

Our Reporter Start Out Kit including an umbrella, water bottle, baseball hat, the coolest pen with light and a notepad. Write down a catch phrase for your next news report, hide from rain or sun rays and prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated on the road searching for news. Moreover, these simple things will also mark you as a Global Newsman while you are collecting news for the world. You will receive a Reporter Start Out Kit as soon as you have become a Freelance Reporter for 10 News Channels or Newspapers and 10 of your News Reports have been rated as Amateur or Professional by the News Outlets.

To claim your rewards when you have reached any of the above results, simply go to contact us page and write your name, email, physical address where you want your rewards to be shipped and do not forget to mention which one of the above reward you want to receive. We will verify that your eligibility and mail your rewards to you. We will pay for shipping. It's that simple.